Creating a Community

Ethical Trading Co is about linking people up at a global scale. Farmers and producers in developing countries require higher incomes to lift themselves out of poverty. Consumers everywhere are searching out new experiences and products in an increasingly interconnected World. We’re just building some bridges…


Consumers are able to secure unique and high quality products via Ethical Trading Co. This helps establish links with the far-flung locations where our unique products are sourced, as well as with the people that are creating them.
We hope customers will become engaged in a spirit of ‘community’ when engaging with these products, providing an entry point to explore how else they may be able to support development in these areas.
In addition, Ethical Trading Co is green! We are sensitive to environmental issues and avoid causing degradation.


Ethical Trading Co provide a practical mechanism for marginalised farming collectives to access international trading opportunities and make increased income from their crops.
Ethical Trading Co sources only the finest quality products, acknowledging that our customers are seeking only the best, but with a compelling story of origin and social value.