This renowned light red japonica rice is grown only in the Himalayan mountain kingdom of Bhutan, fed by glacial waters. A strain known locally as ‘Dagozam’, it has the great benefit of cooking in the same time as white rice, whilst retaining the healthy characteristics of a whole grain rice. The texture is smooth, but with a gentle crunch.
Specialist US rice company, Lotus Foods, describe it as ‘perhaps the most unique rice we have ever encountered’. Not to be confused with the poorer long-grain variety (known as weed rice), this speciality red rice is not yet available in Australian shops and is sourced exclusively from the farm.


This rice is a unique- medium grain variety, known locally as Dagozam rice. It is native to the Kingdom of Bhutan, a small country to the North of India in the Himalayan Mountains, and can only be sourced from this region.

This heirloom grain is grown in picturesque paddy-fields in the valleys of the Himalayan kingdom, and is irrigated purely by mineral-rich glacial waters cascading from the mountains above.


The Buddhist hill-Kingdom of Bhutan is home around 750,000 people, and has been referred to as the last Shangri-la, or locally, as the land of the Thunder-Dragon (Druk Yul). A strong Buddhist heritage has become a defining feature of Bhutan, with lavish festivals and continued wearing of national dress as everyday wear.

Bhutan’s King has famously declared that ‘Gross National Happiness’ is to be the key development measure for the nation, a sentiment we can all share!


Its flavor is complex, earthy and nutty. It has a rich russet colouring, which changes to a light pink, after cooking.

It is lighter than brown rice, suiting salad, or simply as a meal accompaniment. The medium-grain of the Japonica rice strain is a good staple rice for everyday cooking but with an extra layer of flavour. It also only takes the same time to cook as the equivalent amount of white rice, making it a practical and healthy alternative.

Some key benefits of Bhutanese Dagozam Red Rice

  • Antioxidant-rich red rice (10x more than brown rice and more than 1.5x the fibre content)
  • Unique medium grain rice strain
  • Fat free, high fibre content
  • Liver cleansing abilities
  • High mineral and nutrition qualities (unique growing conditions at base of Himalayan Mountains)
  • Grown only in Bhutan in high altitude
  • Sourced directly from glacial-fed rice paddies
  • Comes as a natural russet-red colour